February 18, 2012

Same Blog....New Look

I don't like change but I feel like I am constantly changing my mind about things.This time it is my blog layout and template.

I was using a blog template from Leelou Blogs, which is an amazing blog site, but the template wasn't doing everything I wanted. The main thing I wanted was a comment reply option. I found a third party website that had a widget I could use (I don't speak computer talk and I'm an overall idiot when it comes to web design) but the widget thingy did not work with the Leelou blog template. So.... goodbye Leelou, hello simple Blogger template!

Seriously, who changes the whole look of their blog just for a reply option on comments???

I am hoping to get a collage header soon but I am still thinking about that one. I did find an AH-MAZING blog that gives you detailed instructions on how to make one. I use Picasa so it was great for me.

Well, make sure to leave me some comments so I can reply to YOUR SPECIFIC comment!! I'm  gonna thank all you in advance for your patience while I change things up a bit (hopefully, not too much).