March 26, 2012

Coffee Table and an Apology

Sorry for such a long departure. I'm still trying to find out what I want to share on this blog and so far it only seems to be furniture that I have completed. Thanks for being patient and sticking around....I'll try not to make a habit of being gone so long!

A few weeks ago I sold the little blue side table I did months ago (click here if you missed that post). Seriously, I thought that table was never going to sell so I put it in my daughter's playroom to house toys. A week later I get an email from a man who wanted to purchase it!! Maybe I should start doing that with all of my pieces that take a while to sell?!

Well, it turns out the guy (whose name is Richard) was looking for other pieces and is now a client! Richard repainted his living room yellow and was going with a "beachy theme" and this blue was just what he was looking for.

Here is what the coffee table looked like before

I picked this table up last year and I was planning on turning it into a bench to put at the end of our bed. It is made by Lane Furniture and I loved the retro look. Richard saw the table and thought it would be great for a coffee table in his space.

 try to notice the detail...not the cat taking over the picture!

The side table he bought from me was painted a custom color and I dry brushed white over the blue. He wanted the tables to match and I didn't keep records of the exact amounts I mixed to get the blue. Thankfully, my client wasn't too picky and as long as they looked similar he was cool with it. The white helped and was very forgiving if the colors weren't exact.

To get this blue I mixed Sun Seeker (Valspar) and a brown glaze by Ralph Laruen......I want to say the ratio was 50/50. To be honest that is a complete guess! I also added my trusted baking soda to make chalk paint. The chalk paint is easier to distress than regular laytex paint. I painted, dry brushed, distressed and added two coats of wax.

They turned out pretty close in color!

I will try not to be gone for so long this time. Between being a stay-at-home mom, wife, going to play dates, finding time for myself and redoing furniture/blogging about said furniture I will try to make more time for posts. I really have no idea how people do this full time!

I thank every single one of you (people who follow, people who browse, and people who ask me questions) for reading my posts and your sweet words. They really do mean the world to me!

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